The convention of climate stakeholders in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean fully deserves to be called a climate hub. Ongoing transformations could have dramatic consequences in the short term, considering the demographic evolution… if we don’t act urgently.

The 22 countries of the Mediterranean area are aware of the deep fragility of the climatic balance, that allows the preservation of good living and human development conditions. Fighting the climate change is indeed the top priority.

This means, on the one hand, reducing GHG emissions and, on the other hand, reinforcing adaptation to ongoing evolutions. This also mean strenghtening infrastructures to cope with the intensification of extreme climate events and with the shortage of natural resources, notably drinking water. Few months after the historic agreement of COP21 in Paris, time is more than ever to act, and notably to disseminate the already existing good practices.

In the continuity with the French Region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, the Moroccan region of Tangiers Tetouan Al Hoceima will host, on July 2016, the Mediterranean Climate Forum with a view to bearing the voice of the Mediterranean in the negotiations and to bringing together the civil society and all stakeholders toward a positive climate agenda.