Side-event MedClimateDay . november 16th 2016 at 13.00

MedCop Climate, climate voice of the Mediterranean

Not represented at the UN stakeholders as "specific region", the mediterranean basin, "hot spot" of climate change continues its effort at COP22 in Marrakech "to speak with one voice" on COP22 in Marrakech.

The MedCOP Climate Tangier in July 2016, the Marseille's one in 2015 initiated a process of cooperation between non-state actors (Regions, Cities, Business, Finance, NGOs, universities etc.), in partnership with state actors such as the Nations agencies United, States bordering the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OECD, the Union for the Mediterranean ... 

As emphasized S. M. King Mohammed VI in his letter to participants of the MedCOP Tangier “Today the Mediterranean must take the lead in building a new mode of consumption and production, innovation in the fight against climate change and more generally sustainable development"


The originality and specificity of MedCOP Climate resident in the implementation of a partnership of all stakeholders of the Mediterranean - local authorities, associations, companies, researchers and citizens - to become, with States, a united force face to climate change. These are non-state actors - with the regions of the Mediterranean as "host" - which develop an action plan for the implementation of initiatives set to meet the challenges climate synergistically. This side event MedClimateDay will present the main elements.

It is a metamorphosis of governance and methods of collaboration that worked the MedCOP Climate 2016 Tangier in July 2016, and will work in Marrakech in November 2016, in Palermo in 2017 and in 2018 in Sousse (Tunisia). 

To access the side event MedClimateDay:


Opening :   Common multi-actor plan shared to the Mediterranean area

Presentation of the common multi actors action plan in the Mediterranean area adopted in Tangier (5 mn)

  • Mrs Assia Bouzekry, Chair of the Steering Committee of the MedCOP
  • Mr Driss El Yazami, Member of  COP22 Steering Committee in charge of Civil Society 
 Facilitator : Raymond Van Ermen, European Partners for the Environnment

Path of development and mapping of actors in the Mediterranean (8 min)

Presentation of the "introductory report" of Tangier MedCOP reflection on how the Mediterranean can embark on a low carbon development path, resilient, carrier solidarity and a shared living better. It is accompanied by a "mapping of non-state actors of the Mediterranean" It will review the commitment of the countries

  • Mr Driss Azariz, Mr Stéphane Puffery from MedCOP Committee of experts


Operational networking (30 mn)

How the operational networking helps to break down barriers between initiatives to move towards a pooling of challenges and reduce the disparities between North and South, in favorisantle transfer of financial or technical capacity, always with a sense of shared costs and benefits.

  • Mrs Anne-France Didier, Director of Plan Bleu
  • Mr Abderrahim Ksiri, ASVT et coordination marocaine pour la justice climatique
  • Mrs Lamia Merzouki, Deputy General Manager . Casablanca Finance City Authority
  • Mr Francesco Pigliaru, President of Sardinia, President  ENVE, Committee of the Regions
  • Mrs Fathallah Sijilmassi, Secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean


Progress (25 mn)

Presentation of the progress of this operational networking in several areas:

  • Mrs Amina Azmani, University of Tangier, Gender network
  • Mr Pierre Couté, Covenant of Mayors Climate and Energy
  • Mr Michel Derdevet, Enedis
  • Mr Jérémie Fosse,  Network Green Economy in the Mediterranean 
  • Mr Tarik Marraha, Network Youth      
  • Mr Lahcen Taiqui, University of Tetouan, Green Universities network, Medeec


MedCOP Climate in perspective (7 mn)

Introducing initiatives to collectively create the multi-stakeholder regional agenda for the future of the Mediterranean, through enhanced regional cooperation and a systemic approach to serve a common agenda for the Mediterranean.

  • Mr Gilles Berhault, special adviser to the MedCOP, chairman of the Programme Committee.


Conclusion : «  A strengthened role for the Regions      (15 mn)

Presentation of the new regional cooperation framework, which aims to link more closely the fight against climate change, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the financingadopted  at MedCOP Climate Tanger 2016, and initiatives for MedCOP 2017 in Italy and 2018 in Tunisia. 

  • M Ilyas El Omari, president of Tanger Tétouan El Hoceima regional council,
  • M Rosario Crocetta, President de Sicily
  • M Fethi Bdira, Gouovernor of Sousse