MedCOP Tanger july 2016

Newsletter september 2016

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  • An enhanced rôle for the regions
  • Objectives of MedCOP climate Tangier july 2016
  • Priority actions MedCOP climate 2016
  • Keys to climate MedCOP

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MedCOp : Which goals?

To promote the follow-up of MedCoP21 commitments,
To state that the Mediterranean is a pertinent dimension to fight climate change,
To encourage multi-actor collaborations among Mediterranean stakeholders,

To coordinate the committment of Mediterranean stakeholders and to prepare a « Mediterranean of projects », allowing to design a road map for adaptation and mitigation.

The CONVENTION of climate stakeholders in the MEDITERRANean

The Mediterranean fully deserves to be called a climate hub. Ongoing transformations could have dramatic consequences in the short term, considering the demographic evolution… if we don’t act urgently.

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Toward an ALLIANCE among states, NGOs, Business communities and citizens for climate transition ?

More than 2000 committed organisations – cities and regions, companies, policymakers, civil society organisations, research / training centres and elected members of the Mediterranean States were represented in Tangiers, on 18th and 19th July 2016. 

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Tangiers Call

For a committed and strong action for climate and for a new environmental and climatic governance of Mediterranean regions.

A call to action adressed to the States, to the Cities and the Regions, to the Companies, to the Associations and NGO’s, to the Scholars and to the International Institutions, to scale up the fight against climate change and the adaptation to the ongoing evolutions in the Mediterranean!